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There for you – Find out how Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire can provide much needed rest each week for unpaid carers.

One in eight people are unpaid caregivers, with an estimated 260,000 in West Yorkshire and Harrogate and 45,000 in Kirklees helping loved ones in exceptional circumstances, according to official figures from the government and care agencies.

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire is a respite service that provides much needed rest to West Yorkshire’s unpaid carers. Using highly trained support workers, they visit families in their own home, allowing the caregiver to take a break while the support worker steps in to do whatever is wanted or needed in their absence.

What help can they provide?

Support workers can help with personal care, meal preparation, medication administration, or light housekeeping. Or they can take the cared person for walks in the community, shopping, community groups, or sports like the gym, swimming, or a kick in the park.

They are also fully trained to help with more complex needs such as tube feeding, emergency medication administration, breathing equipment, and challenging behaviors. As seasoned professionals, your loved one will be in good hands.

Who is it for and who pays for it?

You can access Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire privately, or funding may be available through your local authority. They have a range of services for both adults and children.

At your disposal when you need additional support

What is available where?

In Leeds, respite breaks are offered for adults, while Kirklees offers respite support at home or activity centers for adults and children.

There is also a Kirklees Emergency Service that can intervene if poor health or a personal crisis means that you are unable to provide for a family member. Help can be provided for up to three days from 8 am to 9 pm, allowing the unpaid caregiver to walk away for their own well-being.

At Wakefield, the services available are respite breaks for adults and children.

Recruiting Now – Join the team offering respite care and support to unpaid caregivers in West Yorkshire.

You can get more information on how to access these services here or call them by phone at Leeds 0113 512 1171, Kirklees 01484 537036 and Wakefield 01924 908465.

Taking care of your essence, making people smile

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire’s front-line staff make a real difference every day, keeping clients safe and happy and offering respite to unpaid caregivers.

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire offers a rewarding and enriching workplace where no two days will be the same and you’ll come home feeling like you’ve made a difference and given back to your community.

No experience is required as comprehensive training is provided, but all candidates need to care about others and make a real difference in someone’s life.

But paper may offer more than you thought.

A support worker helped her client write a song for his wife’s Christmas gift: “We managed to finish it just in time and I recorded it for her. Then on Christmas Eve, Mr. M gave Mrs. M a roll of lyrics and a CD to keep, and I sang it live for both of them. “

Another helped his client fulfill one of his ambitions to become a filmmaker, with the help of KLTV, with a film about ghosts. “Mr. B’s confidence has developed a lot over the many years I’ve known him, and a lot of that is due to doing things like this. Seeing the joy and excitement that projects like this bring is priceless! “

If you have been inspired by the real life cases above and think you would be interested in a job in social work, please contact Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire for more information or visit here.

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