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While not all of our summers are bathed in sunshine, when we have hot weather it can bring a plethora of daily challenges including what to wear, how to exercise, and most importantly, what to cook.

The importance of hydration goes without saying. Drinking plenty of water (no, a cold beer doesn’t count) is crucial. Chilled watermelon slices make the perfect snack – in the United States, watermelon is often sold with a sprinkle of Mexican Tajin seasoning, an addicting blend of chili, spices and lime. Instead, try garnishing the watermelon slices with a pinch of chili powder, lime juice and salt.

Try to reduce your alcohol intake (if you can) and go for lighter, more vegetarian dishes to increase your water intake and avoid unwanted meat sweats.

And when it comes to food to cook, help is right at your fingertips in the form of crunchy salads, frozen gazpachos, and easy, no-cook noodle dishes.

Each of the recipes below assemble quickly and can be stored in the fridge until the sun comes up and you’re ready to dig.

Classic Greek salad

“If there’s one dish that embodies Greek cuisine, it’s Greek salad,” explains Theo Michaels. Tomatoes are the star of the show, so buy the ripe, juiciest you can find. Try the recipe, here.

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