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20 powerful images as hundreds gather in Newcastle for vaccine protest UK News

More than 300 people gathered at the Newcastle Civic Center to oppose the Covid-19 shots and the introduction of vaccine passports

Hundreds of protesters have taken to Newcastle city center to rally against the coronavirus vaccine.

Activists and anti-vaccines opposing Covid-19 injections and vaccine passports staged a rally outside the Newcastle Civic Center on Sunday afternoon.

Participants were seen waving placards with slogans such as “Covid-1984 is upon us” and heard “freedom” and “shame on you” slogans at the police.

Protesters intended to march through the city center but were thwarted by a massive police presence in St Mary’s Close.

Hundreds of officers created a blockade to stop the movement and had the help of police dogs and horses.

Protesters have made clear their concerns about the safety of the coronavirus vaccine, while also saying they are against the introduction of vaccine passports.

There were several clashes between demonstrators and police and several arrests took place.

Full details of what happened at the protest in Newcastle, here.