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Extinction Rebellion: Chaos as Police Arrest Protesters Blocking Road | United Kingdom | New UK News

Video circulating on social media captures the moment a group of Extinction Rebellion protesters attempted to block a road outside the Science Museum with a massive wooden structure. A truck can be seen pulling up and protesters pull out a sculpture. But XR was too slow, and a group of Met officers tasked with going after the protesters and toppling the vast sculpture despite it nearly wiping out a number of them and protesters in the process.

Chaos has erupted as a large truck appears to be backing up at a crossroads outside the Science Museum.

Moments later, the back door of the heavy truck opens and the protesters team up to pull out a large, prefabricated wooden structure.

A dozen Met officers can then be seen sprinting as protesters scramble to erect the structure.

But they are immediately tackled to the ground as the Met yells to “push him” to keep the road from being blocked.

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A brawl ensues between protesters and police as the structure begins to warp and collapse.

Huge wooden pylons then crash to the ground as the Met desperately tries to take control of the chaos.

Some officers can even be seen getting hit by the wooden beams, with one officer punched in the back of the head and losing his hat.

Protesters can then be seen immediately falling to the ground as part of their nonviolent form of protest and resistance.

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The Science Museum has been targeted because, according to protesters, it receives funding from Shell Petroleum, a major user and distributor of fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which in turn contribute to climate change and global warming. .

Extinction Rebellion has entered its second and final week of protests in London as it targets places it accuses of funding the use of fossil fuels.

Responding to the ongoing protests, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I share the passion of those who have taken to the streets to highlight the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis … Next weekend August Bank Holiday is historically an extremely busy time of year for our police service. The police they met have put in place a solid law enforcement plan, including asking for mutual support from a number of additional police officers from neighboring forces.

If police officers are to respond to disruptive and illegal protests in central London, it will eventually alienate them from local communities. The prevention and reduction of violent crime should be the top priority for the police. “

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