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Sheffield woman’s grueling marathon challenge to say ‘thank you’ to emergency mental health services that saved her UK News

Nicole Biney, 45, of Hillsborough, was severed last year after an abusive relationship left her in a ‘mental mess’ and caused her to attempt suicide.

And when she was released from her hospital treatment, the world was on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. She was told that she was not well enough to take care of her children.

Nicole said: “I stepped out into a world that I didn’t leave behind. It was so hard to adjust, and I, like many others, couldn’t handle this pandemic. The rest of the time since then has been turbulent.

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Nicole trains for the London Marathon

“I have been a missing person several times due to my inability to cope on my own without my family. Like many others, not working throughout the pandemic has meant that the usual ways of distracting oneself from problems have all were closed Stress off the scale didn’t help either.

Nicole said running gave her a lifeline during the lockdown and since the restrictions were lifted. And now she wants to use that to help the people who helped her when she was at the bottom.

She will compete in the London Marathon this year and then take part in a stage of the SAS selection route in the Brecon Beacons in June of next year. The latter consists of running with a 16 kg bag of Pen Y Fan and Jacob’s Ladder and vice versa.

Nicole explained: “Running and kickboxing kept me going. I have missed races, but now they are back, and I have decided to use them to raise funds for those who have supported and helped me over the past 18 months.

“I have needed these services many times, not always on purpose, but they never treated me with anything other than respect and care in the performance of their duties.

“I want to give something back, something that helps me, but also helps those who have helped me, and who help hundreds of people every day.

“I thought that if I set a goal and a specific goal, it might also help me stay in the land of the living.”

She added: “I think we assume that [mental health workers] see bad things all the time so they’ll get away with it and be able to deal with it, but I know that’s not always the case.

“Those who help us can or need help themselves.

“Seeing the horrible things they face on a regular basis can impact their own mental health – so I chose to run the 2021 London Marathon for ‘The Thin Blue Line’ charity.”

The Thin Blue Line is a charity that supports emergency service workers with their own mental health.

“It takes a special person to be a police officer, and keeping those who have chosen this career fit and mentally healthy so that we don’t lose good police officers means a lot to me,” said Nicole.

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