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Editor: No need to hide at the bottom of the Garden of Madness UK News

There are no discounts to negotiate these days

Let’s be honest, it looks like we’re going to have to adjust to not being able to get our hands on everything our heart desires when we already want it. When companies as big and powerful as McDonald’s and Nandos can’t afford milkshakes or chickens, what luck do we have with the rest of us? You might be better off staying home and enjoying your garden on this holiday. But wait, it looks like even garden furniture is going to hurt us.

Consumer group Which one? revealed these sanctuaries of peace and calm, the garden shed, has doubled in price since 2019.

Sure, stores blame the increase in shipping, freight, and raw material costs, but we all know who ends up paying for those increases – yes, me and you.

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Who? even found out that a large DIY store increased the price of a shed by 155%. This is certainly not fair and it is hard to believe that it even reflects the reality that we all face.

Isn’t it a bit suspicious that these price hikes coincide with people spending more time at home, swapping trips abroad for garden vacations?

Ele Clark, which one? Retail editor, said: “A lot of people have looked to spruce up their gardens with new outdoor furniture during the pandemic, but our analysis shows consumers have been hit by jaw-dropping price hikes for popular articles. “

So we are advised to seek out the best prices, although I doubt that is what most of us would classify as a bargain hunt.

But also take a good look at the cheaper second-hand prices and plan ahead, yes be prepared for more delays.

Blame Brexit? Well, that argument still divides houses across the country. Is it the fault of the pandemic? Let’s not start this fight with these annoying anti-vaccines. What about the repercussions of the big ship that got stuck in the huge canal?

Something to make you want to go hide in your garden shed and comfort you in your plants. Oh, wait a minute …

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This notice was published: 2021-08-31 06:19:19

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