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Sometimes I’m asked to peek into the future, put my neck on the line, and make silly predictions. It doesn’t involve lottery numbers or anything remote sci-fi, just used car values. Only an idiot would do this, so when a reader asks nicely, I’ll try to have a little fun.

More recently, I gave an overview of what a new, low mileage 2015 Range Rover Sport could do in a few years. I think it could be around £ 20,000. I could and probably will be wrong, but it’s a little fun. So let’s see if we can predict which cars you can buy right now to take advantage of low, rising, or falling prices. Values ​​are everywhere right now, but they are increasing for almost new offerings, while other factors make a big difference.

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Where to start ? Yes, with tiddlers. It is an endangered species because manufacturers find it difficult to profit from it. The Volkswagen Up is the perfect example. A 2013 1.0 example with a relatively substantial 70,000 miles is yours for £ 3,500. It has a full service history, two owners and it’s a reasonable dealer price. In a few years, I see it at around £ 2,000. The VW badge makes a huge contribution to desirability and sales.

Some models will hardly depreciate. By choosing some of the best bangers that have always done this, you will almost have a money back guarantee.

The Honda Civic is one of the sure things in life. A 2004 two-owner 1.4i SE with 70,000 miles is a mere small shopping car sold privately for

£ 800, and you should be able to get a price cut. It’s never going to be worth less than £ 500, and if you add inflation into the mix, it’s a consistent big banger. Mainly because it’s a Honda and won’t break down in 20 years.

However, it’s not just about cheap dead certificates that are easy to predict. There are a lot of sports cars to be had, and there are so many Mazda MX-5s to choose from. I found a last form 2.0 SE 2018 with 12,000 miles for £ 17,999. In a few years, I think it will be worth £ 12,995.

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