York Mosque publishes an update on supplies for Afghan refugees in Yorkshire Yorkshire News

Downtown Wakefield. (Image credit: Scott Merrylees)

Since an initial appeal went out on Friday (August 27), the mosque has received more than 100 donations of board games, puzzles and exercise equipment over the holiday weekend.

On August 30, he posted a heartwarming video on Facebook showing the number of donations they received over the weekend that garnered more than 1,000 views.

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In the video, Imam Mirazam of the York Mosque expresses his gratitude for the amount of generous donations that were sent over the weekend.

“It really has been an overwhelming response, we have rackets, we have skates, we have guitars, we have tractor sets. These are all things that children will see and think ‘yes, there are people who care about us’. There are people who really want to give and not just take things from us, ‘”he said in the video.

“If there are refugees settling here, please contact us. Whatever religion they are; whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, we don’t care. If they are refugees, we will welcome them ”.

On the afternoon of August 31, Refugee Action York (RAY) posted a tweet with an update on the current items that the York Mosque needs for Afghan refugees as they have been resettling in Wakefield.

The elements are as follows:

– New children’s clothing

– Toiletries in a box for a family

– New underwear for women and children.

– Financial donations (you can contact the mosque for more information)

To donate items, visit the York Mosque address, Bull Lane, York, YO10 3EN.

“This is a community effort, this is an effort that each of us is responsible for, Alhamdulillah. It gives us pleasure, it gives us confidence, it gives us hope that there are still people who give, even when they themselves are facing difficulties, “added Mirazam in the video.

“Even with all this happening around us, this covid pandemic that is out there, there are still people who are giving from the bottom of their hearts.”

Mary McCormack, RAY Trustee, said: “Refugee Action York is delighted to see the generous donations made by the people of York. Each donated game or activity will help newcomer families feel a little more at home. “

On September 1, RAY tweeted another call for donations of the following items to be sent to a different collection point in York. These are the only items needed for Afghan refugees in Wakefield for now:

– Warm coats for all ages.

– Warm sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves and gloves

– New jogging pants and tops of all sizes (S, M, L, XL) for adults and children

RAY tweeted: “Can everyone kindly donate just check that the clothes are in good condition and ready to wear – clean, no missing buttons or torn lining, no ripped zippers, etc.”

“Wakefield is not asking for anything else at this time, for example, household items or baby items, lighter clothing. They will eventually and submit another request. Thanks!”

If you have items to donate, please contact RAY directly on their Facebook page.

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