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Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown: Support for controversial comic rises as 13,300 sign petition calling for Sheffield show’s reinstatement UK News

The comic, real name Royston Vasey, has been a stand-up since the 1960s and is renowned for its blue humor and controversial content.

He was scheduled to perform at Sheffield Town Hall in January 2022, but his show was recently put on hold due to concerns about the nature of his material.

The comedian has seen his show in other venues before and after concerns were raised about his concert in Sheffield Andrew Snelling, Managing Director of Sheffield City Trust, said: ‘As our entertainment venues reopen in Following the lockdown restrictions, we reviewed our schedule of events.

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Controversial comic Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown had his show deleted at Sheffield Town Hall (Photo: Getty)

“We have decided to do away with comedian Roy Chubby Brown’s rescheduled show at Sheffield Town Hall.

“We do not believe this show reflects the values ​​of Sheffield City Trust, in particular our ambition that our places of leisure, culture and entertainment are inclusive for all in Sheffield.”

In response, a petition was launched calling for the ban to be lifted.

Haley Madden, who set up the online campaign, said: “Yes, some of the comedians may not be to everyone’s liking, but my take, like many others around, is simple. . If you don’t like it, don’t go watch.

The petition reads: “Let comedian Roy Chubby Brown perform in Sheffield. “

The decision to withdraw the series has divided opinions.

Featured reader Alan Mayfield said, “It’s not Chubby Brown that’s dividing opinion, it’s the fact that the board made the decision on our behalf… without being asked. We can decide for ourselves. I would not have gone but I can make this decision without the help of an advisor.

Sarah Fletcher described the ban as “beyond ridiculous”.

She added: “If he offends you then don’t go – then you don’t hear what he has to say.

“It’s unfair to others who find his act pleasurable

“The world has gone mad, soon we will all be dumb.”

Timothy Barstow added: “Freedom of speech and choice is slowly being suppressed. Very soon it will be so bad that comedy will cease to exist. Chubby Brown is a very controversial comedian, but stopping his show is wrong. “

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The Axing of Roy show ‘Chubby’ Brown continues to divide Sheffield with over 7,000 signatures …

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