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Bedlington woman shocked by £ 250 hotel room with ‘dirty cups and walls’ UK News

A woman from Bedlington was shocked after paying £ 250 for a night for a ‘disgusting’ hotel room.

Tracy Linney, of Bedlington, had booked tickets for herself, her partner and their two friends to see Dirty Dancing at Winter Gardens in Blackpool last Saturday (August 28).

Not realizing how busy the weekend would be, Ms Linney discovered that there was little choice when it came to booking accommodation.

LancsLive reports that she was only able to find a four-person room at the Driftwood Hotel in Woodfield Road via

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“We just said it’s just a place we can hang our heads for the night so we weren’t expecting luxury, but for £ 250 we thought it would be pretty decent,” Ms Linney said .

“When we got there they said the room wouldn’t be ready until 2:30 pm so we got out for a bit and then came back around 4pm.

TV in Tracy’s room

“The guy asked if we could come back in half an hour but we said no because we had to go out for the show.”

Within minutes of the conversation, Tracy said that a member of staff “took us out of the hotel and to the hotel next door,” the Wishing Well Hotel, “which he said was owned by the same people. “.

“As we walked up the stairs, I knew it would be a disaster just to see the stairs,” she said.

When Ms Linney entered her room at the Wishing Well Hotel, she quickly realized that it was far from the room she expected to stay in according to photos on the page of Driftwood.

“The cups were dirty inside, there was dust everywhere, the walls had disgusting traces of drops, the drawers were damaged and rotten and it was just plain dirty,” said the 50-year-old.

“We were completely stunned.

“We paid £ 250 for a room I wouldn’t even pay ten dollars for. “

On the hotel’s page, the Driftwood is described as a three-star hotel. Overall, based on 108 reviews, the hotel has an average rating of 5.3 out of 10.

The hotel Ms Linney stayed at is the Driftwood Hotel in Woodfield Road and not the hotel of the same name in Cocker Street, Blackpool, which is run by Tracey Applin and has a score of 9.2.

Traces of drops on the wall in Tracy’s room

A spokesperson for said Ms Linney has since received a full refund.

“To help each guest find the stay that is right for them, we offer a wide range of properties to suit all budgets,” said the spokesperson.

“We have over 219 million verified reviews from real guests who have actually stayed at properties available on our site – we encourage travelers to make full use of them before booking to get an authentic perspective and set realistic expectations beforehand. their holiday .

“In this case, we apologized to the customer for their experience and provided a full refund. To ensure that all guests have a good experience, we will work with the partner to determine how they prepare their property to ensure that all future guests have a positive stay.

LancsLive made several attempts to contact the Driftwood Hotel directly but received no response.

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