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Grand Designs viewers ‘sickened’ by over £ 2.5million in new Channel 4 series UK News

The new Grand Designs TV show series has been hit with complaints from viewers disgusted by the amount of money spent on a project.

The first episode of the Channel 4 show saw host Kevin McCloud touring the property and supercar investor Joe Priday and his wife Claire as they attempted a futuristic build in Devon.

The £ 2.5million Hux Shard covers 6,000 square feet and is seven feet tall.

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It has a gym, a cinema room and an office for the children with a huge open kitchen and living space. The house is ultra-modern and ecological, powered by the sun and the air.

But viewers weren’t impressed with the amount of money spent on the project – especially the £ 125,000 kitchen – and called it ‘disgusting’, Birmingham Live reports.

The couple started with a budget of £ 800,000 but ended up spending £ 2.5million on the big house.

One wrote: “Seriously, that was a sickening ‘Grand Design’. Everything about it highlighted the gap between haves and have-nots. What did he spend on a kitchen? ?! And what about the environmental cost? “

A second added: “£ 125,000 on a kitchen?!?!? #Granddesigns, you can buy a house for that in some areas… that doesn’t really look right.”

A third viewer said: “It was the most astonishing vanity project and blatant abuse of planetary resources that I have seen on #granddesigns”

A fourth agreed, writing, “No, if it’s #granddesigns now I’m out. 800 grand budget, spent $ 2.5 million and doesn’t care. Not true.”

Grand Designs, presented by Kevin Mcloud, was back on our screens
Grand Designs, presented by Kevin Mcloud, was back on our screens

And a fifth added: “I know everyone on #GrandDesigns is relatively well off, but I really hate those (like this one) where people are just insanely rich and whatever goes wrong because they can just throw more money for it. “

While a sixth said: “At least 4 or 5 families could have built more than adequate and durable houses on this land and all could enjoy the view!”

And another added: ‘What a show of ostentatious consumption, with a really smug and unpleasant man who casually spent £ 2.5million, boasting that he didn’t even have to sell one of his car collection flashy sports club to complete the construction. “

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