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How to make authentic Italian pasta sauces from scratch Wine News

Everyone knows that to achieve the perfect plate of pasta, it is a question of combining the right sauce with the right shape. With long, thin pastas like linguine and spaghetti, this is the sauce that can get tangled and emulsified. Whether it’s lobster spaghetti or clam linguine, you want a nice, light sauce that clings to every strand.

Richer meat ragus like bolognese need flatter, larger pasta like tagliatelle or pappardelle to catch all the small pieces of meat. You will never see spaghetti bolognese in Italy!

Tomato sauce, meanwhile, goes with everything, so I’ve shared two versions below. The fresh tomato sauce is really delicious, but sometimes I have a hard time finding a really tasty tomato in the UK. A good canned San Marzano tomato is amazing, as good as anything fresh. Plus, it’s the perfect ingredient for store cupboards. I know I can always make a delicious plate of pasta with a few cans of San Marzanos picked off the shelf.

Each has their own version of Bolognese sauce, and mine is below. It’s pretty traditional, using finely cut chuck steak, veal, and a bit of lardo for the richness. Feel free to substitute the lardo with pancetta, and you can use ground beef and veal if you don’t have time to dice it.

But whatever you do, buy the best meat you can afford, as this sauce depends on the quality of the beef.

How to make a pasta sauce from scratch

Fresh tomato pasta sauce

This thick tomato sauce made from ripe tomatoes, celery and garlic is simmered for over an hour for maximum flavor and sweetness. It is best served with spaghetti or spaghettini.

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