Jury retires in Brighton GP trial accused of forging messages to sabotage relations Brighton News

Jurors have withdrawn to consider their verdict in the trial of a doctor accused of creating false messages to sabotage his roommate’s relationships.

General practitioner Javed Saumtally is said to have sent offensive texts to himself and invented a police officer as part of a plan of deception.

The 28-year-old is accused of making false reports to police while living in Brighton in 2018.

He is also accused of sending threatening messages.

Prosecutors say Saumtally was “devious”, “determined” and “technologically adept” at weaving a web of lies.

Saumtally has pleaded not guilty to a single obstruction of justice charge and is on trial in Hove Crown Court.

On Friday, the jury was dispatched to consider its verdict.

Saumtally’s defense attorney Janet Weeks argued there were “just too many unanswered questions” in the case and urged jurors to find her client not guilty.

Prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson has previously said the lies were part of a “concerted ploy” by Saumtally to deliberately undermine his roommate’s relationships.

Mr Atkinson said the accused began “to send abusive and derogatory messages from unknown numbers” to his roommate but also to himself, “presumably to give the impression that he was also a victim and for distract from him “.

The Argus: the general practitioner Javed Saumtally would have sent offensive texts and would have invented a police officerGeneral practitioner Javed Saumtally reportedly texted offensive to himself and invented a cop

Testifying on the witness stand on Wednesday, defense lawyer Janet Weeks asked Saumtally if he had tampered with the text messages.

He told the jury, “No. I wouldn’t even know how to do it.

“I didn’t even know it was possible.”

Mr Atkinson suggested that Saumtally was jealous of his roommate, with whom the defendant had previously had a brief relationship.

Saumtally said that was not the case, arguing that the couple have made it clear that they will eventually move to Ipswich and that the relationship has an end date.

The jury had previously heard that when a man his roommate saw returning from a trip to Portugal, he received screenshots of the WhatsApp messages he supposedly sent, suggesting he had seen other people during the trip.

Mr Atkinson said Saumtally was “desperate” to try to prove to his roommate that it was this man, suggesting that Saumtally had “set up” WhatsApp messages.

Saumtally denied this.

In his closing speech on Friday, Mr Atkinson said: “He was devious, he was determined and technologically savvy.”

“No one else had to win, he had the motive, he had the means throughout these incidents.

“He created fake exhibits and lied to the police. ”

Saumtally spent six years at Brighton and Sussex Medical School before qualifying in 2017.

He worked as a young doctor in Brighton before going to work in a hospital in Ipswich.

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