Hardys wine owner warns of shortage ahead of Christmas holidays Business News

Christmas could be a little less cheerful this year, with wine makers warning that trucker shortages will impact the alcohol supply.

Accolade, the wine giant that makes Hardys, said staff shortages could increase product costs and lead to sparse shelves at Christmas.

Robert Foye, CEO of Accolade, said BBC: “These shortages, if they are prolonged, could definitely impact Christmas. We try to get ahead, but it depends on the situation of the whole UK haulage and trucking industry. “

Companies in the retail, transportation and hospitality sectors are facing a shortage of truck drivers.

There is a shortfall estimated at 100,000 workers due to Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Foye added, “Staff shortages are here and there and there is a whole new group of employees that needs to be trained, from truck drivers to restaurant staff.

Accolade is the UK’s largest wine company and the fifth largest in the world, with sales of around 35 million cases per year.

Labor urged the government on Friday to appoint a minister to tackle the worker shortage.

Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband said, “The government needs to get a handle on the supply chain crisis facing our economy. As they act as if the problem solves itself, companies are telling the government that these problems will only get worse.

“Long-term problems in the heavy-duty sector will not be solved by making drivers work longer, but by training workers and improving their working conditions. “

Demand for workers across the economy remains high and recruiters reported there were 1.66 million jobs on offer last week, a weekly increase of 193,000.

The National Farmers Union estimates there are 500,000 vacant positions in the food and beverage industry and is calling on the government to review its immigration policies and introduce a 12-month Covid-19 recovery visa.

The food and beverage industry has seen a few months under siege, with staff affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the shortage of heavy truck drivers.

Beer and wine seller Adnams last month warned the 149-year-old company was grappling with “some upward pressure on wages,” rising input costs and “supply difficulties. in wine”.

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