New vs used: Toyota GR Yaris vs Audi R8 Car News

They’re also always ready to drive, if you can trust this one. The engine starts on the turn of the key, and if you’re used to the history of new cars and starting them up, this has more of the McLaren F1 on it, starting smoothly at a reasonable idle. And that’s not the only F1-esque thing about it. It has precise shifting, with the added value of a slamming open door, as well as a fairly smooth ride. Visibility is good, steering is light-medium and fast, with a lot of self-centering, and while the car is a little over 1900mm wide it doesn’t feel too tall on narrow roads (can -being because you can see out of it is going so well).

The V8 is lovely. He never yells at you; it just develops power in a linear and smooth fashion until it hits 8,000rpm, when it sounds good, which equates to over 60mph in second gear. It’s only 317 lb-ft and it only comes in at 4,500 RPM, but the unit is so smooth and relentless that you can easily hang on at a lower gear between turns or when passing. . There’s a nice amount of oomph to work with – the right amount for a car of the R8’s handling.

It’s a very cool thing, and while it doesn’t wear the insignia of one of the exotic supercar brands, it still feels like it was made with technical integrity.

It’s too early for the GR Yarises to show if they have any dark sides to live with them, beyond the fact that they want maintenance every 6,000 miles and half fluid and brake checks, this which to most homeowners will likely equate to a six- a month-long overview and annual service.

It’s a mark of how the auto industry has evolved over the past decade and a half that this hot hatch, while special, feels as quick and capable as a supercar that costs twice the price. nine. It’s probably more capable, in truth.

The GR Yaris drives fairly well. This Circuit Pack car is no different from the R8 with its shocks in their firmer tuning (a non-Circuit Pack car looks more like the R8 in standard mode), and it also has precise (albeit less satisfying) shifting. than the Audi) and precise steering.

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