New vs used: Skoda Octavia vRS vs Mercedes-AMG C43 Car News

Obviously, the Skoda cannot compete for the sense of opportunity here. Its 197 hp 2.0-liter engine is powerful and diesel-ready, and it’s very cozy inside the cabin. It will still be a tool for a job, however, not something you enjoy throwing up and down in the rev range.

The familiar 2.0-liter turbo petrol unit that has powered the GTI and vRS models for years will also not match the fireworks of the C43, as it has been tuned to be more subdued in the Octavia, but it is more suited to a performance derivative. Sweet revenge arrives at the pump. VRS gasoline can hit MPG figures in the mid-1930s in mixed use, while diesel will easily enter the 1940s. The C43, on the other hand, puts all its efforts into converting fuel into noise and power. Ours was averaging 26 mpg on its screen after a day of mixed driving. Ouch.

Unfortunately for the Skoda, the ascendancy does not last very long, because as soon as you step inside it is clear that the Mercedes is on another level. Not that the Czech car isn’t nice: the design is thoughtful and modern, and it’s screwed up well, but it’s a pretty straightforward creation that can’t match the feeling of luxury you get from Mercedes.

The German car’s leather and alcantara seats are softer and more adjustable, and the natural wood trim easily trumps the shiny plastic of the Octavia. Some of Mercedes’ knobs and stems don’t feel as heavy and built for ages as you might expect, but other than the shiny leather on the steering wheel and the snail trails and dog hair in the trunk, he held on. very good for its 60,000 miles.

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