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2019 Mini Cabriolet Cooper vs 2021 Mazda MX-5 1.5

PF: Two very different versions of the convertible accessible here, but not as disparate as you might think. The front-wheel-drive Mini is less sporty than the Mazda, but it’s still a lot of fun on a narrow B-road, and it’s much more usable, thanks to its two rear seats.

JW: The Mini might be more practical, but on the road the MX-5 is the best it has ever been. Even at the hefty price tag, other sporty soft-tops struggle to match its handling and levels of engagement.

PF: Not all runs are full, and for commuting or quieter runs, it’s nice to have a gentle breeze in the cabin, rather than a Category Three hurricane.

JW: You can try raising the roof – the MX-5 doesn’t lose any of its driving appeal. The Mini, on the other hand, weighs 90kg more than the standard three-door, so it’ll be even less agile than usual on the narrow B roads you’ve taken, and good luck squeezing two adults into those rear seats.

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