Value judgments: new vs used 2021 Car News

Another assortment of used seduction awaits you. Protect your wallets up close, dear reader, as we assemble a host of inviting new cars, each partnering with their used market counterpart, and then, in turn, decide whether your money will go to the fresh new car in the world. showroom or additional value, well-run, the equivalent used.

This new vs used special is different because, for the first time ever, one of our featured used bargains is an electric car. Which means two of them aren’t, of course. We’ll stop to reflect on the prospect of a quick and affordable station wagon driven on a daily basis, as road experimenter Illya Verpraet explains the relative merits of a new Skoda Octavia vRS and a used Mercedes-AMG C43.

With the help of editor-in-chief Matt Prior, we’ll also wonder if the one thing powerful enough to convince a real gasoline not to spend £ 33,000 on a hot new Toyota GR Yaris hatchback is a 12-year-old Audi R8. supercar.

There will also be other ‘old for new’ goodies, some high priced and some more real, put together and put together for you by Autocar resident used car deliberators Felix Page and Jack Warrick.

But even those of us who like our “new” cars with a more lived-in vibe have to move with the times; and so, before we get into all the combustion engine treats, road test editor Matt Saunders will start by checking out what price the practical, desirable and surprisingly dynamic Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV can be bought for second-hand. car market in 2021. Then he’ll wonder if that would make a smarter family buy than the kind of new electric car the same money could buy, which comes in the form of the Volkswagen ID 3.

Follow the links below for temptation, then. And don’t say we didn’t warn you …

New Volkswagen ID 3 vs used Jaguar I-Pace

New Skoda Octavia vRS Estate vs used Mercedes-AMG C43 Break

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