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“The team is not too different,” recalls Alonso. “It has definitely changed: the factory is bigger, there are new technologies on F1 cars and everything is managed by computers now, compared to [when I first arrived in] 2002, when it was more manual and handmade. But the DNA of the team remains more or less the same, and the ambitions. The way of working at Renault in the past and at Alpine now is a little different from that of any other team: it’s more a family atmosphere, more convivial, and I’m happy. I’ve always worked really well in this team, and it’s no different now.

You’d be hard pressed to find an F1 fan who isn’t excited about the prospect of an Alonso in great shape, in great shape, motivated and – most importantly – happy to be a part of the grid, regardless of whether he has now 40 years old. Especially when we also have Hamilton at the head of Mercedes, Max Verstappen at Red Bull, two young class drivers at Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel at a silver-injected Aston Martin, a reborn McLaren with a new British star… Indeed, Alonso considers it to be one of the most competitive cohorts of which it has been a member.

And fan excitement will peak if his confidence in his Alpine team is justified in 2022, when a new technical formula is imposed in the hope of dramatically improving the proximity of races between F1 cars.

“The 2022 car is now a priority for everyone and expectations are high,” Alonso said. “We know that the regulatory change is big enough that it can change the order of the grid. It is therefore a great opportunity for many teams: Alpine, McLaren, Ferrari… There are many who have great hope for next year. And we will try to be a competitor for bigger things. In fact, he may have even said the word “championships” …

Alonso’s five best Grands Prix

San Marino GP 2005: Alonso has proven himself to be the material of the title by fending off Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari lap after lap to win, despite a drop in power, in what can be seen as a generational change of guard.

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