Mercedes-Benz EQG concept to become electric G-Class by 2025 Car News

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class will benefit from an electric variant by 2025 in the most radical transformation of the rugged SUV since its first appearance in 1979.

As recently seen by Autocar, the EQG will have a close visual relationship with the current internal combustion car, but with a series of styling revisions that bring it in line with Mercedes’ new EQ electric car line-up.

It was previewed in Munich in the form of the Concept EQG, which is described as a near-production study.

The makeover is subtle, mostly extending to illuminated trim elements, a solid panel with a 3D star pattern replacing the grille, custom 22-inch aluminum wheels, and a storage box in place of the wheel carrier. emergency, designed to resemble a wall charger.

Mercedes also draws attention to the Concept EQG’s roof rack, which houses an illuminated LED strip along its front edge to hint at the potential of this electric G-Class for undertaking “demanding off-road adventures”.

Supported by the same ladder-style chassis as the G-Class with independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle, the EQG is “off-roader without compromise”.

In fact, Mercedes says, a battery-powered electric powertrain will enhance the off-road capability of the G-Class. Power is provided by four individually controllable wheel-mounted motors, while a two-speed gearbox efficiently provides gearing. low and high.

The instant torque provided by the electric motors will give the EQG “tremendous pulling power and controllability”, making it perfect for tackling steep slopes and rough terrain and towing heavy loads. Mercedes has hinted that this four-engine powertrain will be rolled back into production.

The battery is integrated into the frame of the ladder to ensure a low center of gravity. The EQG will take on Schöckl’s “legendary” mountain test track in prototype form before its final unveiling.

The current G-Class of the W463 generation is sold under the “Schöckl proven” banner in reference to its off-road capabilities.

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