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BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse 2025 is “not a car but a platform,” according to Nota, who stressed that it would be used to “deliver relevant positions that we have in our lineup today”. In other words, big and small cars with all the different bodies, all exclusively electric. YOUR

LB: Expect more mergers between BMW and other brands in the future, as has been the case with Toyota. Sales and Marketing Director Pieter Nota said: “There will be cooperation on certain topics. If you look at all the areas in which we need to invest, it makes sense to share these costs and investments. »TA

6:00 p.m. Monday September 6

A strange paradox to unwrap after a plethora of presentations on Volkswagen’s autonomy: the brand’s partnership with Argo AI is centered on the development of self-driving systems for urban environments, but as it stands this technology cannot only be used on motorways – and even then with some very, very strong restrictions in place. Let’s see if the laws loosen up a bit by the time the technology is ready. PF

Reassuring words from VW CEO Ralf Brandstatter, who promised that the company’s senior officers always care about enthusiasts because they invest heavily in autonomy. “Driving pleasure is another part of mobility,” he said, hinting at a bold new future for the GTX and R. PF performance divisions.

Could a pair of eyes be watching you from your next infotainment screen? Perhaps, says Laurens van den Acker, head of Renault design, who says research shows that drivers using voice control or passengers in self-driving cars react more positively when they have a center of attention. “It could be a pair of eyes, an avatar or a robot – research shows people feel more confident and possibly behave better when they have a place to focus on,” he said. said, relating today’s voice control systems to the embarrassment of seeing someone chatting. phone via Bluetooth rather than when carried to his ear. JH

Renault’s switch to using Google in its cars has been the subject of heated debate, reveals chief design officer Laurens van den Acker. “It wasn’t our core competency,” he noted, “but owning this technology is hotly debated. Could we give it away? In the end, we decided that l he use of Google was positive: confirmation for the buyer that he was in good hands. ”JH

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