Wey Coffee 01 spearheads the launch of the Chinese brand in the UK Car News

Chinese company Wey presented the Coffee 01 SUV at the Munich Motor Show, two years after the brand confirmed its intentions to produce and sell vehicles in Europe and the UK.

The Coffee 01 plug-in, produced by the premium sub-brand of Baoding-based Great Wall Motors, is driven by a 201 hp 2.0-liter Miller cycle engine mated to two twin electric motors positioned on each axle offering all-wheel drive.

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A 40 kWH battery provides 150 km of range for pure electric vehicles, and Wey claims a total system power of 469 hp, which makes the Coffee 01 more powerful than the Volkswagen Touareg R hot PHEV SUV with a time of 0. at 62 mph under five seconds.

Inside, the Coffee 01 has four interior screens, an augmented reality screen, facial recognition technology and WiFi, with live software updates. It also benefits from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Beyond the chrome exterior styling, Great Wall highlights the sustainable and vegan interior materials of Coffee 01, a sign of its “consideration of ecological concerns”.

The name Coffee was given to the SUV because the firm believes it will be “part of world life” as a “world car”. The name Coffee also refers to Wey’s Coffee Intelligence infotainment connectivity platform.

Wey was founded in 2016 and has sold over 400,000 in five years. It was founded with the ambition to compete with BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the premium SUV segment.

The parent brand Great Wall has been the number one SUV and pickup truck in China for 11 years. The company plans to open a European production unit, with the first deliveries of Coffee 01 scheduled for Germany in 2022.


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