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A “dangerous” gas spilled at the tip of Somerset could have “caused an explosion” Bath City News

“Dangerous” gas cylinders were found dumped at the Weston-super-Mare recycling center, raising fears of a potential explosion.

Three helium gas cylinders were found in the household garbage transported to the Aiescombe Way wastewater treatment plant.

Fortunately, the teams working on site saw the bottles and took them out of the trash for proper disposal.

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If the bottles had reached the main incineration plant, they could have caused an explosion.

Helium gas is often used to inflate balloons and the cylinders can be easily purchased from local suppliers.

The district’s three recycling centers – in Weston, Backwell and Portishead – are operated by the North Somerset Council.

A council spokesperson said: “Last week officers at the Weston-super-Mare transfer station found three helium cylinders in the general waste stream.

“These are often used to detonate party balloons, but can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

“As the majority of our general waste is now sent to Energy for Waste (EfW), this means it will be incinerated.

“If undetected gas remains in a cylinder like this, it could cause an explosion.

“Always make sure gas cylinders are empty before you throw them away. “

Helium bottles can be dropped off at local waste reception centers. However, there may be a charge.

The spokesperson added: “You can safely dispose of helium cylinders at your nearest recycling center.

“Always make sure it is empty and place it with other gas cylinders on arrival.”

People who bring helium cylinders to the recycling center should ensure that all gas is released before disposal.

To verify that the cartridge is empty, fully open the valve by turning it counterclockwise and gently but fully bending the tilt nozzle to release any remaining helium.

If you hear or feel helium escaping, continue to hold until you feel no pressure or hear no sound coming from the nozzle.

Remove the tilting nozzle by unscrewing it counterclockwise and write empty with a permanent marker on the cylinder.

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