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Where can I find a Supercharger?

In the UK, most Supercharger locations can be found at existing petrol stations, both on motorways and national roads. They tend to be placed at intervals that will allow you to cover most long distance trips across the country. These locations also allow drivers to access useful amenities, such as restrooms, cafes and shops.

Finding a Supercharger is simple as each location is programmed into a Tesla’s in-car navigation system, while live updates mean you never run out of new additions. On top of that, the company’s smartphone app provides route finder details and information on the number of chargers currently in use at each location.

How to use a Supercharger?

Like most public charging points, using a Supercharger is pretty much simplicity itself. In fact, it is arguably easier, as there is no need to configure and authorize a payment method like other pay-as-you-go units. Since these chargers are available exclusively for Tesla cars, you just need to unplug and plug them in. Once your Tesla is attached, it will briefly communicate with the Supercharger and, if all is well, the light surrounding the car’s charging point will glow green, indicating that electricity is flowing.

Once the car is charging, you can track the progress using the Tesla smartphone app. When the battery is full or you have reached your preprogrammed limit (80% is normally recommended for charge speed and cell health), you will receive a notification. You can also use the app to precondition the car for your return, cool or heat the cabin depending on weather conditions.

Another cool feature of the app is that it will notify you when you have enough charge to complete your trip. So, if you plot your route in the satellite navigation system, it will calculate how much power is needed to reach your destination and tell you when you have enough, thus minimizing the time you have to charge when you are in a rush.

How much does it cost to use a Supercharger?

Now this is where it gets a little trickier. When the Supercharger Network was first rolled out, one of its main selling points, convenience aside, was the fact that it was free. Simply buy the car and you will have access to the brand’s charging stations at no additional cost. There was no limit on the kilowatts used or the frequency of visits, just plug in and pay nothing. Simple.

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