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BBC’s decision to end Holby City in Elstree was a mistake UK News

Hello everyone and welcome back to my weekly walks. May I start by thanking the readers who contact me via the editorial staff, who are kind enough to send them to me. I received a lovely letter from veteran Army Special Forces member Steve who lives in Watford and shared fond memories of his involvement in the epic 1960s film. Battle of britain. Please excuse me for being slow to respond, but I will try to speed up next year.

Last week, I was invited to visit the set of one of the last scenes shot in the long run. Town of Holby at the BBC Elstree Center. They couldn’t have been nicer to this old columnist and even provided me with a seat to watch an outdoor stage shot with two of the main cast members. Today everything is closed, insofar as we must accept not to reveal anything heard or seen, so I will not say anything on stage.

Elstree & Borehamwood general view.NL6862 .....

Elstree & Borehamwood general view.NL6862 …..

However, a horrible thing happened. While they were shooting a scene, my goddamn phone rang, although I was sure it was on silent. I was mortified because in 60 years of visits to television and cinema sets, I have never ruined a scene. the Town of Holby the crew are lovely people so they said don’t worry a plane flew over so we had to do a shot again anyway but i never heard it. I cannot name the actors involved but I offer them my sincerest apologies. They are wrapping up filming on the show next week, although it will still air until next March due to late filming. I’m a fan of the show and I think the BBC made another mistake. The cynic in me would suggest that this was motivated by their desire to prepare the Studio for sale, but that’s just me.

I wish the cast and crew could have a leaving party, but alas, I suspect that damn Covid will kill that idea. Can you imagine how much fun the tabloids would have with the BBC’s virus-ignoring medical soap opera? I understand that they kindly donate items to our local museum and will donate unwanted costumes to the local charity shops on Borehamwood’s Main Street. Alas, that doesn’t include medical costumes, so I won’t appear in doctor’s gear, which is probably just as good.

Elstree Studios

Elstree Studios

Watching actors at work after several years reminded me that I could have been the next Olivier or Stallone if only I could remember the lines. I can fake looks of sincerity, sadness or happiness. Notice, if you become a big star, that’s okay. I remember Trevor Howard telling me why he hated working with Brando on Mutiny on the bounty. He revealed that Marlon often read his lines from a guest card, or what we called a silly board just off-camera, or his lines were transmitted to him in a concealed earpiece. For Trevor, the result was that he often made no eye contact, which is essential for actors to believe in a scene.

I must end this article by greeting the cast and crew of Town of Holby for the pleasure they have given us for so many years by being the poor relation of EastEnders at the BBC Elstree Center. As for the top management of the BBC, I’m going to bite my lip but as someone told me the other day “you still expect yesterday’s standards”. I must therefore apologize and I am guilty of the charges. Until our next meeting, take care of yourself.

Paul Welsh

Paul Welsh

  • Paul Welsh MBE is a writer and historian from Borehamwood of Elstree Studios

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