Behind closed doors at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali Car News

“It’s a huge event, and it always gives you a special feeling when you put on the show in front of the stands,” Calado explains. “People here love it, and coming here as world champions and Le Mans winners makes it even more special. It’s been seven years for me at Ferrari, and it’s a second home for me. I know all the guys, we get along well and the 488 GTE Evo is always fast. We’ve won a lot of races so it’s great to be part of Ferrari.

The show begins with an awe-inspiring, albeit left-wing, medieval spectacle featuring the local Castel San Barnaba flag bearers, before a trio of modern F1 cars are unleashed around the Mugello. It kicks off Finali Mondiali’s best track, as a 2017 SF70H and a pair of 2009 F60s are unleashed, driven by three-time Grand Prix winner and AF Corse ace Giancarlo Fisichella, Andrea Bertolini and Olivier Beretta. The turbo-hybrid F1 car Fisichella drives is vastly outnumbered by the howling V8-powered F60s, before the new Daytona SP3 drove a glorious 1960’s 330 P4 and 412P – two of the cars that inspired its form. Comparisons are unfair but inevitable when they are on the right track together.

Once the GT title winners have completed their demo laps, a full armada of F1, GT, FXX track cars and Challenge racers is meticulously laid out on a grid that stretches far along the Mugello straight. – and once the photos have been taken, the customers are left to indulge themselves the rest of the afternoon via the FXX and Corsa Clienti programs. We retreat to the paddock to watch the Qatar GP as a cacophony of Ferrari horses tear themselves apart on the track before the late November light begins to fade.

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