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Strictly professional opening routine criticized by James Jordan in cut review UK News

Former pro Strictly James Jordan took a hit on the show’s current pros over the dance they performed at the start of Sunday’s results show.

While the remaining four couples waited to see who directly qualified for the final and who would need to go head-to-head in the dance, this year’s pros perfected a hip hop-themed number.

The energetic number started at a slow pace with It’s Oh So Quiet, before the music changed both tempo and genre, to enter Montell Jordan’s’ 90s anthem This is How We Do It as Neil Jones takes the limelight.

The medley also featured Boom Shake The Room as the dancers tossed shapes millions of miles from the ballroom and Latin numbers they were to perform with their famous partners.

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But, looking from home, James, who was a longtime professional on Strictly with his wife Ola, was not impressed with what he saw.

Taking to Twitter, he posted: “mmmmmmm, I remember when they were doing beautiful ballroom dancing and Latin dancing.”

As with all tweets strictly related to James, his comment quickly sparked a pretty strong reaction, with one fan agreeing with him, replying, “That was the time. It was awful. The dancers are awesome but hip. hop ?????? Why? This upsets me so much. I don’t like watching hip hop if I did, I would watch strictly cameo hip hop. “

Defending routine and fighting back at that comment, another James follower replied, “But … hip hop dancing. You’re watching Strictly Come Dancing not Strictly Come Ballroom …”

Others agreed with James, with a tweet: “Every week when they start dancing in the streets or something similar, I feel so drained! (sic) I’m trying to hit, I guess, but it’s still not what I want to see most weeks. “

James ‘comment on the latest professional dance came after he aimed at Judges Strictly for their scoring of John and Johannes’ pair pick on Saturday night.

He accused the panel of branding their emotional VT rather than the routine itself.

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