Long-term review of the Oshall Mokka 2021 Car News

During a summer of mixed emotions with the Mokka, Vauxhall’s latest version of the small crossover impressed with its styling, long-distance comfort, and kit levels. Practicality comes next.

I really like the Mokka, but this is where the model loses its bearings. Head and legroom up front is great while driving, although I find myself banging my left leg against the side of the center console.

I have more than enough space when traveling on my own, but a trip to the South Coast with two passengers highlighted the mundane trunk space. The 350-liter trunk of the new Mokka is similar in size to its predecessor, and by no means the smallest on the market. But space is swallowed up by the sleek, sloping shape of the rear body, so the Mokka is beaten by rivals such as the Renault Captur, which has 395 liters, and the Seat Arona, with 400 liters.

Storage space was limited with three people, but we pretty much succeeded with some Tetris luggage, squeezing two small suitcases in the trunk itself with an assortment of other small bags. We reclined two of the three back seats so we could bring a third suitcase and our beach essentials, and pretty much did it.

Those with young children may also have difficulty. Fitting a stroller inside can be a challenge if you’re also carrying luggage or shopping, in which case the larger Crossland might be a better option, with its 410-liter trunk. Rear legroom is also limited, and passengers sitting behind taller drivers will want space. In short, the Mokka struggles with three or more passengers.

But the Mokka is not that bad. The adjustable trunk floor allows you to remove the load lip almost completely. With all three seats folded (but not completely flat), the capacity increases to 1,105 liters.

That’s the age-old question: do compact crossovers offer as much as their lower, more conventional hatchback counterparts? You’d think that a raised and seemingly wider crossover – and it’s not just the Mokka – should offer equal, if not improved, cabin space. But this width at the level of the wheel tracks is in part an illusion created by a narrowing of the upper half of the body, which eats away at the interior space. As it stands, competitors like the Volkswagen Golf offer more, with a boot volume of 380 liters. The opportunities to take more adult passengers can lead to a crammed experience beyond the front two seats, and add to the practicality of today’s small station wagons and you could be swayed into a completely different segment. I have a biking weekend planned so I can’t wait to see how the Mokka handles carrying the extra load.

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