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The best panettones for Christmas 2021, tested and approved Wine News

Panettone is now a Christmas staple and is on the grocery shopping list every year. Whether you eat yours for breakfast or with a cup of tea later in the day, it always makes a seasonal appearance.

Milan’s gloriously festive sweet bread has taken the world by storm, becoming a Christmas tradition on almost every continent. Tall and sleek, ideally with a golden-brown dome, the simple combination of candied fruit and raisins has been tinkered with lately, with options filled with chocolate, alcohol, and vegan (among others) on the shelves.

Typically, a panettone is made with flour, eggs, milk, butter, and sugar – and often filled with raisins and candied citrus fruits. Now it’s Christmas, that means our favorite supermarkets and bakery experts have created alternatives to classic sweet bread – so there’s more to choose from than ever before.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional recipes or craving something a little different this year, we’ve put the best panettones to the test.

Ocado Crosta & Mollica Apricot Panettone Hand Wrapped – 5 Stars

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