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BBC and ITV walk away from ‘Disneyland in the UK’ on 1cm spider UK News

The BBC and ITV have struck commercial deals with the UK’s biggest theme park over fears it will destroy a tiny spider’s home.

The huge “London Resort” dubbed the “UK’s Disneyland” plans to be a massive development on 29.5 hectares of land in Swanscombe, Kent.

The developers had hoped to have major broadcasters BBC and ITV on board so the site could offer rides inspired by hit British shows including Doctor Who, Sherlock and Thunderbirds.

However, plans for the park have faced backlash over what it would mean for the 1cm jumping spider that lives on the land of the proposed development.

Natural England said more than 1,700 species of invertebrates inhabit the area – including a quarter of the UK’s water beetles, and the site has been declared a Site of Special Interest due to wildlife.

BBC and ITV pull out of deal with UK’s biggest theme park

Following pressure from Save Swanscombe Peninsula campaigners, the BBC and ITV pulled out of deals with the park.

A BBC spokesperson told MailOnline: “BBC Studios has no commercial agreement in place with London Resort and no current plans to enter into a deal.

“We would only consider doing so if there was clear and conclusive evidence that the project would have a net positive impact on the environment.”

An ITV spokesperson added: “ITV’s arrangement with the London Resort was that we were a potential licensor of one of our children’s brands, which was Thunderbirds.

“We can confirm that ITV no longer has a commercial agreement with London Resort as the agreement has now ended. This means Thunderbirds will not be part of the park.

A London Resort spokesperson said: ‘No one ever said big infrastructure projects were easy or quick. We look forward to delivering the first premier theme park for the UK.

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