Why the new Dales for Sale TV series set in Yorkshire and starring Marcus Alderson’s estate agents looks set to be a smash hit Yorkshire News

Richard Thompson, left, and Marcus Alderson, right, of Richmond-based real estate agency Marcus Alderson

TV series featuring rural Yorkshire have always been a huge hit with viewers in the UK and beyond thanks to God’s Own County’s stunning scenery and down-to-earth people with their wry sense of humour. .

The love story began in 1973 with Too Long a Winter, the Yorkshire TV documentary about the life of farm girl Hannah Hauxwell. Hannah lived alone and survived quite happily on £240 a year in her remote, dilapidated country house in Baldersdale with no electricity or running water. She felt blessed with her cattle, magnificent scenery, and her battery-powered radio constantly on Radio 4.

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Fast forward to 2015 and Channel 5 found success with The Yorkshire Vet and then came The Yorkshire Steam Railway, The Yorkshire Auction House and the greatest hits: Our Yorkshire Farm which features the lives of farmers Amanda and Clive Owen and their nine children. , and a new version of All Creatures, Great and Small. The result was an exponential increase in the number of people dreaming of escaping to the Yorkshire countryside with the Dales as their primary target.

Swaledale in all its glory

This was exacerbated by the pandemic, which saw a huge increase in the number of house hunters from across Britain turning to Yorkshire to find a better life. Now, a new TV series set to air on the Really channel looks set to put fuel into an already red-hot real estate market.

Dales for Sale follows the Richmond-based Marcus Alderson real estate agency team and prospective buyers looking to find their dream home in the area, covering the historic city of Richmond and surrounding towns and villages in the Dales. It can be seen wonderfully with Marcus Alderson’s hard-working and helpful Marcus, Richard, Carla, Rosie and Sue, proving that many real estate agents do great work, have a highly polished sense of humor and don’t deserve a spot among the most hated. from United Kingdom. Professions

The series showcases the many charms of Richmond and the stunning countryside that surrounds it. It also reveals how difficult it is to find a property and secure it in a market where supply and demand are a major issue. Beating the asking price is a must and booking your first visit is a plus.

Those who watch the shows, which begin March 14, will see buyers from far and wide, including from London and, in the case of life partners Michael Griffin and William Forde, from Mexico by way of North Carolina. After selling their home and interior decorating business in the US, they traveled the United States in an RV on a long road trip, spending the winters at their vacation property in Mexico and planning vacations elsewhere.

The Marcus Alderson Estate Agent Team

A visit to London and Cornwall sparked a plan to move permanently to Michael’s native Britain. They bought a car and a trailer and, along with his pet Maisie, began a three-month tour of places they thought might fit the bill on his wish list. These included a place with community spirit, a gym, restaurants, a theater, a market, independent retailers, great views, and a short walk to the course.

They looked at Bath, Cheltenham, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, the Lake District and Harrogate, but it was Richmond, outside Swaledale, that unexpectedly stole their hearts.

William says, “Richmond wasn’t on our shortlist but we were looking for day trips we could do while we were in Harrogate and I read about Richmond and thought it sounded interesting.”

Adds Michael, “Within hours of arriving in Richmond, we looked at each other and said, ‘This feels good.'”

Shoppers from across the country and beyond head straight to the market town of Richmond and surrounding towns.

They film themselves viewing a quirky, beautifully modernized three-story, two-bedroom farmhouse in Richmond with exceptional views over the river and beyond.

They managed to secure it thanks to their natural charm, ability to proceed, flexibility on move-in dates and an offer of £5,000 on top of the £395,000 asking price, which saw the other eight showings that had been scheduled cancelled.

They moved there in July of last year and couldn’t be happier. “Richmond has exceeded our expectations in many ways. The most important thing is the friendliness of the place and the way we have been received in such a genuine way, our incredible neighbors, the beauty of the area and the incredible walks from the door, “says Michael.

The move has been a great success and will surely encourage viewers to enter real estate portals in search of what they could buy in what is an idyllic area. The unintended consequences of Richmondshire’s popularity with buyers from near and far are explored in Dales for Sale as affordability declines for locals and those who have moved to the area for work.

Real estate agent Marcus Alderson appraises…

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