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10 healthy – but hearty – winter meals to try in January Wine News

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that health matters — and being skinny on Instagram doesn’t. So this year, the focus is on eating better, not obsessing over weight loss.

First, eat more plants. Lots and lots of vegetables – don’t hold back – and some fruits, nuts and seeds. When planning a meal, I find it helpful to think about which vegetables I want to eat first, then meat or other proteins. Try to get lots of different colors and varieties for the best range of vitamins and minerals, and what microbiome nerds call “gut diversity.”

Thirty different kinds of plants per week is the goal, which sounds alarming, but even a tablespoon of sunflower seeds, or a handful of herbs, counts as one, so it’s easier than you think. to load. Diana Henry’s Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Black Bean, and Cascabel Chili Dish has eight just to start, and it’s so good you’ll crave it every week.

Second, plenty of fiber is essential for a happy gut. If you pile on the veggies, you’re already doing well, especially if you add beans and legumes – Darina Allen’s White Bean and Tomato Stew is a winter winner that warms the cockles.

Favor whole-wheat bread, but also brown rice, which has the advantage of keeping its shape better in dishes that are cooked longer, such as the simple chicken and lemon gratin. Pasta too: If you’ve been put off by grainy brown spaghetti in the past, try again. It has improved considerably and you may even find that you like it better. Still not convinced? Hunt for authentic whole-wheat varieties, such as structuringCalabrian noodles traditionally made with leftovers.

Third, don’t ignore protein. High-protein foods like beans, fish, meat and dairy will keep you feeling full for much longer than a bag of crisps or a slice of cake, and protein is essential for your body’s ability to operate and repair. Save red meat for an occasional treat — a few times a month is a good goal for meat eaters — but fish twice a week is another brilliant way to boost your levels.

All you have to do is sit down and enjoy your meal: here are some delicious ideas from the cream of the Telegraph cooks.

The best winter meal ideas

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