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The reader, with the username ‘Chihuahua face’, said, “Well, I won’t be mailing anything anymore, more Christmas cards and birthday cards or off the list. Just send them through one of the big marketing companies.

Another consumer with the username ‘Retep13’ expressed the same thoughts, writing: ‘It hasn’t occurred to Royal Mail that if you set up people use other services and so less mail is sent.”

And they continued, “I think the real reason is to kill universal mail delivery and focus on packages to make more money.

“This is an example where privatization has not worked.”

Worried about the high price of stamps, a reader with the username “Chris4454x” complained, “They must be kidding? 95p to post a letter?

“All it will accomplish is that even fewer letters will be posted. They are running an outdated service in the ground.

According to Royal Mail, UK stamps are always cheaper than in any other European country.

The company announced that the price increases are due to inflation, but also to the fact that demand has fallen as people send fewer letters.

A frustrated consumer with the username ‘LoveJaguars’ wrote: “Prices need to go up because less letters are being posted, hmm not surprising given the prices right now is it not.

They added: ‘I guarantee even less will be posted after this latest Post Office madness!’

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