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These dishes were created expressly and exclusively for the cook-plus-one – because cooking for two is quite a different thing from home cooking or entertaining.

For starters, your motivation is different – you’re more likely to do it because you want to, in an atmosphere of relaxation, fun and camaraderie. But it’s also technically different: Small quantities behave differently, cooking times decrease and processes can be skipped or simplified.

The single prime rib – sometimes sold (French sounds grander) as prime rib – with my best roast potatoes will provide a sumptuous Sunday lunch for two, with a few slices left over for steak sandwiches; or plump for my prime rib, a dish all cooked in one pan.

For after parties, make one of my favorite desserts, a chocolate pudding.

Sunday has its own special, quiet atmosphere. Take your time on these recipes for two, packed with flavor and worth every minute spent on them.

The best recipes to try

This exciting roast deserves an exciting side vegetable, so I suggest adorning the Brussels sprouts with some salted butter. If you haven’t encountered gochujang, you’ve missed it: it’s a sweet and sour, smoky chili paste from Korea that lifts everything it touches.

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