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It’s official: SUVs are now more popular than they’ve ever been. New figures from industry analyst JATO Dynamics reveal that high-riders took 49.7% of the market in Europe last month, with 402,900 units registered in the region.

Other notable stats from January registration figures include an 18% share for electrified cars, a 27% year-on-year drop for diesel cars and a whopping 24% overall market share. % for the Volkswagen group alone.

Importantly, however, the market was down 28% from January 2020 before the pandemic due to the chip crisis, and Sweden was the only country in Europe to see a rise in registrations. .

Haas to give it to them

People should be “more aware of the fact that whatever we do in Formula 1, even if [a team] is last, it’s still phenomenal,” according to Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine.

Taking the example of long-time latecomer Haas (and apologizing for the amusing irony in his French pronunciation of his name), he told Autocar: “People say ‘bah, Haas c’est de merde’, but for 99% of engineers in the world, this is one of the most fantastic achievements of all time.

“It’s like NASA on wheels, combining the best of engines, suspension, gearbox and aerodynamics. It’s amazing, and everyone else is too.”

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