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Hammersmith Bridge will have a toll once restoration is complete UK News

Hammersmith Bridge has been “shaken violently” according to local residents as restoration work begins.

However, due to the cost of restoration, the council agreed that a toll would now be required to help fully protect the 135-year-old bridge.

The toll will potentially last 100 years, but a fixed price for the toll has yet to be announced but is expected to be £3.

But they said if a toll was introduced, residents and emergency services would not have to pay to cross it.

Times Series: Cars can no longer cross the bridge.  (PENNSYLVANIA)Cars can no longer cross the bridge. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Speaking at the local council meeting, head of cabinet meeting Stephen Cowan said: ‘If anyone is wondering how dangerous the bridge was, even over the weekend, an e -email was sent by a resident who was crossing the bridge and he was shaking violently.”

He added that he had even had nightmares about the bridge, particularly in 2019 when they discovered the bridge was unsound and “suffering from a serious risk of imminent collapse”.

Currently the bridge is covered in cameras and sensors to ensure it is safe to cross as well as the council constantly monitors it.

The restoration started in February and if all goes according to plan, it should be stable in November but may not fully open until 2027.

In April 2019 a crack appeared under the weight of 22,000 cars crossing the bridge and saw buses and cars no longer allowed to cross the bridge.

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