Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo: the 1000 hp concept becomes a roadster Car News

Aside from the open-top layout and restyled front end, the Roadster is otherwise identical to the 2019 concept. to 885 lb-ft of torque. This allows for a 0-60mph sprint “under 2.0 seconds” and a top speed “over 200mph”. The concept weighs just 1,400kg, with a “close to 50:50” weight distribution between front and rear.

The car is available now for players of Gran Turismo 7, along with the two previous concepts. Although it doesn’t lead to a production car, it does display themes that could make them the Jaguars of the future. Much of Gran Turismo’s 83 million players fall into the 25-35 age bracket – a demographic the brand has already told us it considers vital to its future.

Jaguar’s latest Vision Gran Turismo car – the 2020 1900bhp Vision Gran Turismo SV, a racing version – was developed by employees of brand departments including Jaguar Racing, the company’s motorsport arm. A full-size model of the car was produced and exhibited at several motor shows.

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