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Sadiq Khan announces menopause leave for staff and additional breaks UK News

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said all City Hall staff going through menopause will soon be given extra leave and the option to work in climate-controlled rooms.

The mayor said the new menopause policy will be “world-leading” and help change perceptions around menopause in the workplace.

Khan made the announcement on International Women’s Day while chatting with Lorraine Kelly on her morning show.

Say: “We need to make sure the workplace is inclusive, which means the women’s network will organize meetings with our staff and drop-in sessions.

“If someone turns out to be going through the transition, we’ll make sure the women feel confident to ask for help.”

He added that the new policy had been developed following consultation with staff and the union and would apply to the 1,000 employees of the Greater London Authority.

Additionally, under the mayor’s new policy, staff are encouraged to challenge any inappropriate behavior or derogatory remarks surrounding menopause.

Menopause can be a very difficult time for people, as it can include symptoms of hot flashes, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and pain.

It is a natural experience just like the period, but it is known as a taboo and in recent years it has been discussed more commonly to end the taboo.

Staff going through menopause have the right to request support and adjustments in the workplace, which could include temperature-controlled areas, as well as the possibility of additional breaks if symptoms worsen, plus working time. attend appointments.

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