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Software engineering leaders are accelerating recruitment and driving innovation by moving workloads from technical interviews to the cloud

For most software engineering leaders, interviews have always been seen as a time compromise. It’s a zero-sum game. Rent or ship. Scale or deliver. This is the dilemma facing the engineering hiring manager today. However, this represents an archaic way of thinking. By moving technical interviews and hiring to the Interview Cloud, it is possible to transcend the trade-off. Hire and meet delivery commitments. Interview and innovate.

With engineering time more valuable than ever, many companies are investing 80 hours or more of engineering time per hire. At an industry level, this translates to $60 billion a year spent interviewing and screening candidates, which comes at the expense of critical coding time and limits companies’ ability to innovate and scale. create future value.

Yet despite this investment, hiring managers still struggle to provide sufficient capacity to screen and interview candidates at the scale required to meet hiring goals. Lack of availability for interviews slows hiring and the time invested is not effective. Do-it-yourself interviews are often unstructured and inconsistent. Most organizations are unable to conduct enough first-round technical interviews with the quality and consistency needed to meet hiring goals. We call this the Interview Gap.

The maintenance gap exists because maintenance is not anyone’s primary job. Software engineers aren’t evaluated or rewarded for how they query. Additionally, very few organizations have the ability to create the platform and content necessary to provide the tools needed to conduct interviews efficiently, consistently, and fairly.

At Karat, we’ve built the world’s first people and technology interview cloud to help organizations maximize their interview investment to win the race for technical talent in a world that has faced a shortage of software engineers for several years. decades. Today, Karat conducts more first-round technical interviews than any company on the planet.

What is the Service Cloud?

Simply put, Interviewing Cloud is the on-demand delivery of first-round technical interviews, 24/7, regardless of location, for engineering candidates anywhere in the world.

The Interview Cloud combines a global network of service engineers and purpose-built service infrastructure to deliver predictive, fair and enjoyable service at scale. Maintenance engineers are experienced developers who conduct technical interviews. They use a structured approach, consistent process, and proven content that produces the strongest hiring signal for clients and an enjoyable, flexible interview experience for candidates.

Interviewing Cloud frees up valuable engineering time and provides unique analytics and insights. This information can help identify market benchmarks on candidates, examine every stage of hiring processes, and optimize the pipeline to accelerate hiring velocity, improve quality of hires, and inform strategic hiring decisions.

The benefits of cloud maintenance

1. Increased engineering productivity

The Interviewing Cloud increases interviewing capacity without compromising engineering productivity. Moving your organization’s technical talks to the cloud immediately frees up engineering time, which is redeployed to innovation on an ongoing basis.

On average, organizations recoup two hours of productive engineering time for each first-round technical interview, not to mention additional efficiencies in the final interview round when multiple engineers interview a candidate. Most companies invest at least five hours of engineering time in each final-round interview, with up to eight hours per final-round candidate, so this ability to optimize the hiring signal is critical to recouping valuable time. productive engineering.

Finally, there are even longer-term gains in engineering productivity that result from additional hires made when final interviews become more efficient and hiring accelerates. By hiring more engineers earlier than they otherwise would have, engineering organizations increase productivity that is fully invested in innovation. The net impact for engineering organizations is that they unlock up to five hours of productive engineering time spent on innovation for every first-round technical interview Karat conducts on their behalf.

2. Better hiring signal

The Interviewing Cloud produces a stronger hiring signal than the traditional interview due to the consistency of the interview process and content. Every first-round technical interview for a given role is run consistently, measuring the same skills, aligned and calibrated to your specific hiring bar. The presence of a human conducting the interview reduces both false positives and false negatives and therefore increases hiring…

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