Vauxhall Grandland GS Line Plug-in HYBRID-e 2022 UK review Car News

The Grandland seems well-suited to town and city driving, however, with softer inputs allowing a smooth transfer between powertrains and electric operation up to highway speeds. Regenerative braking also avoids being snappy at all speeds. However, the claimed 39 miles of electric range was closer to 25 on a cold, wet March afternoon.

A 3.6 kW household wall box can fully charge the battery in three and a half hours. A 7kW wallbox does this in an hour and 45 minutes but requires the upgraded on-board charger, a £500 option.

Inside the cabin, the addition of a 12-inch digital instrument panel and 10-inch infotainment touchscreen helped bring the Grandland in line with the class competition. Neither is particularly high resolution, and dedicating the outer edges of the infotainment screen to the climate controls seems a waste when Vauxhall has included physical dials below, but it supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and is responsive enough to touch inputs.

Interior materials are the familiar mix of hard and soft-touch plastics – a reminder that for all its tech upgrades the Grandland still sits towards the value end of the Stellantis stable, but the driving position is comfortable. and rear occupants have a decent amount of room. Boot space takes a hit, at 390 liters compared to 514 liters for the petrol version, but that’s still largely on par with rival PHEVs.

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