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If you are considering adding a new member to the family, look no further as Battersea has many dogs looking for a new home.

To make sure you see them all, here’s a selection of Battersea dogs, looking for their forever homes.

If you think you can relocate one, you can find more details on the Battersea website.


Times Series: Tipsy.  (Battersea) Teepee. (Battersea)

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 1 year 3 months

male sex

Tipsie loves to tell stories and play games, he can get overexcited at times and will therefore need a home with older children.

He can live with other dogs but not cats and would prefer to live away from the city center.

Learn more about Tipsie.


Times Series: Koda.  (Battersea) Koda. (Battersea)

Breed: Belgian Shepherd

Age: 1 year 2 months

Gender: Female

Koda is a sweet and excitable dog that you get along with teenagers and other dogs, but not cats.

She prefers to live away from the city center and likes having an open space to run around.

Learn more about Koda.


Race: mongrel

Age: 11 months

male sex

Milo is a poodle x collie. He is a sweet and affectionate boy and he would need a family with previous experience.

He may be able to live with cats but not dogs and would prefer to be away from town, just with adults.

Learn more about Milo here.


Times Series: Chilli.  (Battersea) Chili. (Battersea)

Breed: Beagle

Age: 4 years 3 months

male sex

Chili was rescued from a puppy farm and has never lived in a home environment before and would like to live away from downtown.

He prefers to live with adults and not with other dogs, but may be able to live with cats.

Learn more about chilli.


Times Series: Frankie.  (Battersea) Frankie. (Battersea)

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 1 year 6 months

male sex

Frankie can be energetic and affectionate but needs to warm up to being people as he can be shy at first.

It cannot live with cats or other dogs and can only live with adults, but can live in almost any place.

Learn more about Frankie.


Times Series: Bean.  (Battersea) Bean. (Battersea)

Breed: Chihuahua: Smooth HR

Age: 10 months

male sex

Bean is very concerned about strangers, other dogs, handling, and things that don’t make sense to him like traffic, joggers, and cyclists. For this reason, he is looking for a house in a very quiet place while he is very gradually exposed to these things.

He can only live with adults without other dogs or cats and far from the city center.

Learn more about Bean.


Times Series: Pedro.  (Battersea) Pedro. (Battersea)

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 4 years old

male sex

Meet Pedro, the ex-racer who he has proven to be a bit of a party animal and loves to play. He is very charming and when he leans on you to make a fuss, it melts your heart.

Pedro can live with teenagers but far from the city and not with other dogs or cats.

Learn more about Pedro.


Times Series: Sophia.  (Battersea) Sophie. (Battersea)

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 2 years 6 months

Gender: Female

Sophie is a very friendly girl who loves nothing more than stories and hugs. As is often the case with her breed, she sometimes has a sensitive side and will need time to get used to finally living in a home rather than racing kennels.

She can live with older children and teenagers and other dogs but not with cats and far from the city center.

Learn more about Sophia.


Times Series: Pabs.  (Battersea) Pabs. (Battersea)

Breed: Greyhound

Age: 4 years old

male sex

Pabs is a lovely, affectionate greyhound, now looking for a family home to rest his old racing legs.

He can live with teenagers but not with other dogs or cats but can live anywhere.

Learn more about Pabs.


Times Series: Lucky.  (Battersea) Fortunate. (Battersea)

Breed: Terrier: Jack Russell

Age: 4 years old

male sex

Lucky is a sensitive soul who is a Jack Russell crossed Chihuahua mix and exhibits typical breed traits for both.

He can live with adults and cats but not with dogs and loves the countryside.

Learn more about Lucky.


Times Series: Charlie.  (Battersea) Charlie. (Battersea)

Race: mongrel

Age: 5 years 6 months

male sex

Charlie is an adorable boy who loves human company and is very loyal to his loved ones. He has bonded very well with the staff here, but is now looking for a new family where he can get all the comfort he deserves.

He can live with adults and cats but not with dogs and far from the city center.

Learn more about Charlie.


Times Series: Celo.  (Battersea) Celo. (Battersea)

Breed: Spaniel: American Cocker Spaniel

Age: 13 years 3 months

Gender: Female

Thirteen-year-old, this larger than life spaniel shows no signs of slowing down and still enjoys his long walks in the park, playing ball in the garden and making friends with everyone he meets. After a busy day, she appreciates nothing more than snuggling up on his warm lap.

She can live with teenagers anywhere but not…

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