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Drivers face a £200 fine under a new law this month to crack down on mobile phone use while driving UK News

A change to the law this month will see motorists face tougher rules when it comes to using mobile phones while driving.

The law already prohibits “interactive communication” on a handheld device when controlling a car, such as texting or making phone calls, except in an emergency.

But from March 25, new legislation means drivers in England, Scotland and Wales will not be allowed to handle a mobile device for any reason while driving.

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This includes checking the time or notifications on your device, scrolling through playlists, accessing apps or the internet, and taking photos and videos.

The law also applies even when the car is stationary in traffic, such as in a motorway queue or at a red light, The mirror reports .

In 2020, the Department for Transport reported that 17 people were killed on UK roads in crashes involving drivers distracted by mobile phones.

Another 114 people were seriously injured and 385 slightly injured in such collisions.

Unless used to make an emergency call, anyone caught on their handheld device while driving will face a fixed £200 fine and six points on their licence.

However, the Department for Transport has confirmed that drivers will remain exempt when using their phones to pay while in a drive-through restaurant or on a toll road.

The Department for Transport said in a statement: ‘There will be an exemption to the new law for drivers making a contactless payment using their mobile phone while stationary to ensure the law keeps pace with technology. .

“This exemption will cover, for example, places like a drive-thru restaurant or road toll, and will only apply when payment is made with a card reader. This will not allow motorists to make online general payments while driving.

Drivers will also still be allowed to use a device as long as it is ‘hands-free’ while driving. This includes “hands-free” calls and using your phone as a GPS, provided it is secured in a holder.

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