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The Environment Agency (EA) launched the investigation after villagers complained that truckloads of industrial waste were being dumped on the 60-acre plot of Essex property owned by the former owner of Billericay Town and Romford FC, Glenn Tamplin. Residents say up to eight loads of construction waste a day have been dumped on the grounds of the £10million home, named Bliss Heights after the steel tycoon’s wife. The hotel has a gym, cinema and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

It is feared the waste could contaminate the River Roding, which runs past the Abridge grounds, near Chigwell.

Piles of what appears to be dumped construction spoil at the edge of the pitch can be seen near the river from the M11.

A resident, who preferred not to be named, said: “Trucks started arriving in November at 7.30am – around eight deliveries a day, sometimes more. Traffic was stopped outside the house.

“The trucks were filled with what looked like construction spoil and they left empty. That could be 1,000 tons per week. They had an industrial conveyor and a 40 foot grading machine in there.

“I want to know what it is because the land is backing onto the River Roding which could be contaminated. From the highway you can see loads of stuff near the river at the edge of the lot.

A lorry full of what appeared to be rubbish was photographed entering the grounds on December 29 before leaving empty 15 minutes later.

Mr Tamplin, 50, was in charge of Billericay Town from 2016, before taking control of Romford FC in December 2019. He is the registered owner of the mansion but does not currently plan to live there.

There is no indication that he was involved in the alleged waste activity.

Contacted by this newspaper, Mr Tamplin said he was not involved in the activity having moved and “rented” the property before the alleged spill began. He said, “I don’t live there anymore. The tenants did. They are expelled. »

In April 2020, the former cocaine addict posted a YouTube video in which he said he was turning the property into a luxury retreat where wealthy drug addicts could kick their habit for £4,995 a week.

Last May he left Romford FC and reportedly moved to Dubai.

Trash deliveries began in November, around the time Mr. Tamplin was injured in an assault at the mansion.

A 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault causing bodily harm, but was later released without further action.

Residents said they reported suspected litter and planning violations to Epping Forest District Council and the EA last November, but deliveries continued until last month when police and Environmental Health visited the site on February 24.

Police confirmed in a statement, “Officers were there to help with environmental health.”

The same day, the EA wrote to residents requesting information about “alleged illegal waste activities in Bliss Heights”, asking if they would be willing to make statements. The letter read: “The EA is taking all necessary steps to investigate this matter and prevent it from continuing.”

A spokesperson for EA said: “We are unable to say anything that could harm the investigation, but we will release more details in due course.”

District Councilor Brian Rolfe said: ‘It was brought to my attention by residents but council officers told me they had not received any direct complaints. I will get back to them on this.

A spokesman for Epping Forest Council said: ‘We are aware of this but the Environment Agency is investigating.

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