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Chicken and rice recipes for easy dinner ideas in 2022 Wine News

There are Iranian rice and baked chicken dishes, which are more complicated and may contain yogurt. They flipped over so that the tah dig, the crispy rice from the bottom of the pan (very popular), could be seen.

The most useful chicken and rice dishes to know, because they are so adaptable, are pilafs, where the rice is cooked by the absorption method, Spanish rice dishes, which do not require much attention, and fried rice dishes (if you can make egg and chicken fried rice, you’ll never throw away leftover rice again). I also put chicken – just the shreds of leftover roast – in risottos to make another meal with not much else.

Then there are baked chicken and rice dishes. I make a huge range of them with very different flavors, an approach I started when I had my first child.

This is good cooking “to exhaustion” because everything goes in the oven. You have to stick to precise measurements, but you can change the character of the dish at will. Use a shallow saucepan 30cm wide, 175g basmati rice (washed through a sieve until the water runs clear) and 550ml boiling stock.

Sauté the onion and garlic before adding the rice and whatever else you want – eggplant, pumpkin or mushrooms – as well as spices and flavorings.

Try something as simple as pumpkin, ginger and chilli, then add the rice and broth. Put the bone-in chicken thighs – they can be browned or, if you’re in a hurry, left raw (season them with sea salt to make the skin crispy) – on top and cook on 180°C fan for 40-45 minutes.

The chicken will be browned, the broth absorbed and the rice tender. This is a great plan recipe. A few days later you can create something completely different using the same basic components. If you have chicken and rice, eating well is never far away.

The best chicken and rice recipes

A Spanish rice dish from Catalonia. There it also includes pork ribs and can be made with rabbit instead of chicken. The great thing about Spanish rice dishes is that you shouldn’t stir them, so it’s hands-off once you’ve done the initial browning.

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