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Nicola Sturgeon will welcome Ukrainian refugees “if necessary” | United Kingdom | News UK News

Michael Gove, the secretary of Leveling Up, announced that more than 3,000 UK visas had already been issued to Ukrainian refugees and praised the Family Scheme and the New Homes for Ukraine Scheme. The Family Scheme says: “As of Tuesday, the majority of people will no longer need to apply for visas and visa application centers, we will accept Ukrainian passports, people will be able to enter this country.

“In addition to the number of people entering through the family program, which is rapidly expanding, there is a ‘New Homes for Ukraine’ program which also does not limit the number of people who can come here.”

According to Michael Gove, UK households can complete a refugee sponsorship application from Monday and should be matched with a refugee by Friday.

He said he expected the first refugees to arrive under the scheme within a week and noted that “tens of thousands” of refugees would be allowed into the UK under the scheme not capped.

Asked if he would apply to host a Ukrainian refugee, Michael Gove said he was “exploring” options for self-hosting a refugee.

The Scottish First Minister noted the lack of details about the scheme and said she was “worried it would be slow and cumbersome (people will need sponsors before entering the UK)”.

Nicola Sturgeon was also asked about hosting a refugee herself and a Scottish Government spokesperson said that: “If necessary, the First Minister would be prepared to play his part in providing shelter.

“We are still urging the UK Government to go further and faster in accepting refugees fleeing Ukraine – but we do not yet have details of how a scheme will work and how far in scope it will take to ask individuals or families to provide shelter. .”

The Prime Minister has repeatedly urged the UK government to remove bureaucracy from the visa application process for those fleeing their beleaguered country.

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The letter explained how the Super Sponsorship would work: “Against this background, a fair and proportionate number of refugees would be allocated to Scotland and Wales and the Scottish and Welsh Governments, working with their partners, would advance the provision of accommodation, protection and access. to services as they have successfully done to support refugees in the past.

As part of this super sponsorship offer, Ms Sturgeon said she would ‘enable significant numbers to get here quickly and be accommodated temporarily’ and that Scotland had informed the UK Government of its preparedness to ‘ accommodate 3,000 Ukrainians immediately”.

The Prime Minister said: “What matters most is getting them here quickly, safely and with minimum bureaucracy and maximum support.”

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