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A growing increase in abandoned puppies

Support rescue pets

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many people buy pets that have now been abandoned.

A brand new support system has been launched that offers a helping paw to rescue pets and their new owners, as well as rescue centers and shelters.

The initiative was launched following a growing increase in the number of abandoned puppies, following the huge increase in dog ownership over the past two years.

Thousands of new pet owners have given up pets they bought during lockdowns because they struggled to train them, a study last year showed.

Offer a helping paw to save pets (photo: adobe)

Abandoned Pet Statistics

Surprisingly, one in four new pet owners considered giving up their dog last year due to control issues, and rescue centers have since reported record numbers of admissions.

Burns-supported shelters will offer a special package for new pet parents, containing some of the necessities new owners will need to start a new life with their rescue dog or cat.

They’ll receive 2kg of healthy dog ​​food, a handy measuring cup, and access to top tips, video content, and training sessions from expert nutritionists.


John Burns, Pet Nutritionist, said: “We’ve always believed that our pets need good nutrition, but we also know that every pet deserves a loving owner, a loving home and lots of scratching. head along the way.

“That’s why we’ve launched our great woofing Pet Rescue initiative, to help more pets find support in their furever new homes.”

Thousands of new pet owners have abandoned pets they purchased during lockdowns (Picture: Adobe)

Burns Pet Nutrition has always strived to give pets the best start in life by creating healthy foods using wholesome ingredients without any nasty stuff.

They continuously support more than 30 rescue centers, donating much of their profits and resources to charity each year and have even set up their own in-house charity, the John Burns Foundation.

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