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Pandora marks St. Patrick’s Day with a green four-leaf clover bracelet – How to get yours UK News

Throw away the horseshoes and rabbit’s feet because Pandora just released your new lucky charm in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is both a religious and cultural celebration of Ireland and the patron saint of Northern Ireland.

The luxury jewelry brand has just unveiled a new four-leaf clover that will add a touch of green sparkle to your outfit because we all know what happens if you don’t!

The stunning new charm is available online now, meaning you can wear it no matter what you’ve got planned on March 17.

Times Series: Four Leaf Clover.  1 creditFour Leaf Clover. 1 credit

Whether you’re planning on attending a St Paddy’s Parade or painting the town green this year, you don’t want to be without your new lucky charm.

Meaning of four leaf clover

Most of us associate four-leaf clovers with good luck, but no one knows exactly where this tradition comes from.

They are often said to represent “faith, hope, love, and luck,” according to BHG.

Small clovers have appeared in centuries of legends as a symbol of good fortune and the Druids are said to have believed that three leaf clovers would allow them to see evil spirits coming.

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How rare are four-leaf clovers?

For about 10,000 three-leaf clovers, there is one “lucky” four-leaf clover, which definitely makes it a rarity.

You may have come across the phrase “luck of the Irish” before and one of the reasons why Ireland is said to be home to more four-leaf clovers than anywhere else.

How to Buy Pandora’s St. Patrick’s Day Charm

Times Series: Pandora Charm Bracelet for St. Patrick's Day.  1 creditPandora’s St. Patrick’s Day charm bracelet. 1 credit

Now, if you’re not planning on flying to Ireland to hunt for one of the rare clovers, one of Pandora’s lucky charms might do the trick.

The mini clover dangle charm features pavé green crystals on a sterling silver setting.

Each of the leaves forms a heart within the clover and is supported by a polished stem.

The back of the charm is covered with micro-beads giving it a reversible design that you can change according to your mood.

Pandora suggests that you “wear it as a reminder to achieve your goals or give it to your best friend to let them know you have your back.”

The pendant charm is only suitable for Pandora’s ME Collection and can be yours for £12.

Purchase your new lucky charm through the Pandora website.

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