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BrewDog launches new United for Ukraine IPA – how to buy and taste notes UK News

BrewDog has released a special fundraising beer in response to Russia’s “unforgivable act of aggression” against Ukraine.

All proceeds from BrewDog’s United for Ukraine beer will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Described as smooth and juicy, United for Ukraine beer is a 5.2% New England IPA with a blend of tropical fruit hops.

BrewDog said: “We stand with the people of Ukraine.

“Today we are launching a beer called United for Ukraine. All proceeds from this beer will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

“It is a small gesture of solidarity, but it is important that we show that we are united with the Ukrainian people and that we oppose this appalling and unforgivable act of aggression.”

The United for Ukraine IPA delivers what BrewDog described as a “mellow sweetness” while a blend of citrus and exotic notes makes for a “silky delivery.”

How to buy BrewDog’s United for Ukraine IPA

United for Ukraine beer is currently available for pre-order before shipping from April 4.

You can pre-order it through the BrewDog website here.

Is United for Ukraine beer suitable for vegans?

BrewDog said the beer is suitable for vegans. It contains water, malted barley, roasted wheat, malted oats, hops and yeast.

BrewDog added: “Like many breweries around the world, we have been inundated with requests for support for those affected by the war in Ukraine. as it continues to unfold. So we brew a beer, with 100% of the revenue going directly to those in need. »

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