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Mother’s Day 2022: Garden gifts you can buy for your mum, grandma and mother-in-law UK News

Mother’s Day is just over two weeks away and it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy for the special woman in your life.

Often it can seem like the person you’re shopping for has everything, making the gift shopping process difficult.

If you’re looking to shop for Mother’s Day gifts and know someone who would love to spruce up their garden, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a roundup of gift ideas for the nature and wildlife lover in your life.

Times Series: A robin sitting in a tree (Canva)A robin sitting in a tree (Canva)

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Garden

Not on the main street

If your mom is passionate about all things wildlife, garden gifts might be just what you need to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day.

This personalized Garden Bee Hotel planter is a great start. Not only does it give local bees space to nest, it also has a plant in the top and it’s handmade.

With a customization option, the price changes slightly. It will cost you £55 with personalization and £53 without personalization.

Give garden birds a cozy place to nest with this handmade bird box.

It’s available in a range of colors and designs and will set you back £37. It is perfect for attaching to a fence or wall in the garden.

Times Series: A person watering flowers (Canva)A person watering flowers (Canva)

Help the lovely lady in your life expand her garden with this Mother’s Day garden basket.

For £40 your loved one can look after the four seed packets, four pots and chalk plant labels that are included.

The basket is also complete with seed husks, compost and even a trowel to start planting.


Give the local birds something to smile about with this Wilko Resin Birdbath Ruffle Edge.

For £10 the birdbath will add a bit of character to the garden.

This Wilko fat ball feeder not only feeds the birds, but it also adds style and a warm atmosphere to the garden with its heart shape.

Plus, it’s currently only £4 or you can choose to buy two for a total of £6.

Times Series: A Hedgehog (Canva)A Hedgehog (Canvas)


Find this pack of RSPB Best for bees wildflower seeds for just £6 or buy two for £10.

There are other seed packs available, including this wildflower seed pack for pots, available for the same price.

For mums who love to watch hedgehogs in the garden, this hedgehog sculpture means they can always have a hedgehog as a gift.

For £16.99 this decoration can sit outside or, if your mum prefers, she can display it inside her home.

Buying this National Trust Queens bird table for your mother’s garden will allow her to watch the birds come and go as they gather food to fuel their journey.

Add it to your cart for €99.99.

Add style to your garden with this set of 3 floating plant hooks, perfect for your mom to admire her fresh flowers when she’s in the garden.

The three-pack is available for just £8.99.

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