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McDonald’s announces change to Happy Meals with the addition of fish sticks to the menu UK News

Fish fingers are returning to all McDonald’s stores across the UK after huge customer demand.

The fish finger option on Happy Meals was limited to 160 restaurants since McDonald’s reopened due to the pandemic.

Customers can now choose from fish sticks, chicken McNuggets or vegetable dips with a bag of apples and grapes or a bag of carrots, while drink options include water, milk or fruit shoots.

Times Series: The new Happy Meals range at McDonald's.  Photos via McDonald's.The new Happy Meals range at McDonald’s. Photos via McDonald’s.

It comes as the fast-food chain brings iconic DreamWorks characters to Happy Meal boxes, including Shrek and Madagascar toys.

Starting March 2, each McDonald’s Happy Meal will come with board games, cards and challenges or a limited-edition DreamWorks-themed book.

The new lineup will include an all-star lineup of ogres, trolls, dragons and talking donkeys.

Kids can choose from 10 different toys, puzzles, games and challenges or read about the adventures of Shrek and the Madagascar gang, as well as transform into Boss Baby or Toothless with the DreamWorks Digital Masks game on the Happy Meal app.

Book and toy options are 100% sustainable following the announcement to remove all non-sustainable plastic from McDonald’s Happy Meals from 2021.

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